Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

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Good day

Today was a pretty awesome day!
It started out raining which wasn't the most cool thing, but then I'm not so sweet that I melted, so it was all good.
Today we went down to the U and it was fun! By the time we got their it had stopped raining, so I was happy!
We had a lecture on ethnographies and that was also very cool. Julio handled the school bus and lecture hall thing well, but he didn't necissarily like it.
Diane came and we went to Noodles for lunch, then wI reversed the route. I got some coffee from Starbucks.
We came home tired.
Julio was still testing me and I told Diane that I'd call GDB if it continues for more than a week.
I got my one month follow-up call from our GDB representative. She seems extremely nice and helpful! I told her about what's been happening but that it's not a safety issue. I explained everything pretty thorroughly and she agreed. She said to call her if I needed any help at all.
I'm in a pretty good mood!
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