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Two days in review

Yesterday started out not so great. Baxter was being a brat and I was stressed.
Julio decided to start testing me in earnest. My pet turtle can walk faster and I don't have a pet turtle if that tells you anything.
I did get to go to prayer, which was a good thing, but there were so many concerns I was overwhelmed.
Today I got coffee for breakfast which was a plus. Eastern Civ was cool. I learned some things.
In CIS we worked more with inferences. Then we read personal narratives. I got to read one from a friend where they talked about ASP. That was awesome! It almost made me cry!
We found out we're going on a field trip to the U of M tomorrow, so Julio will get his first trip on a school bus and I will do a mobility lesson at lunch down there. That will give us both some practice!
Journalism was okay.
French was fine.
I'm really struggling to enjoy writing. I feel like I've screwed up my writing too much. I can't deal with the public opinion. This summer made me older in a lot of respects, and that's great, but if getting older makes it less fun to do things I once enjoyed, I wish I didn't have to do it.
Some people are able to not care, and I wish I didn't. But I'm actually dreading this year of journalism because I am afraid to mis-represent anyone.
I make it my business to know what people say about my writing and I'm finding that not everyone is pleased. If I didn't care, that'd be one thing. And maybe I shouldn't. But I do, and I'm tired of screwing it up for other people.
If you say I'm just incredibly moody, I say you're right! I'll feel better eventually.
Well, that's all for now.

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