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Another day, another learning oppertunity

I'm finding that i'm extremely stressed today. I'm thinking that that's because of all the things that need doing and all the things that were sprung on us for Brailling. I want to do well this year, but I'm a bit frustrated already. One of my classes will require map work (Oh goody!) I'm not the best with maps, and they are time consuming to produce. One of my classes is heavy reading right now, and I don't have the books in Braille. I'm unsure of how I'm going to get it all done. Diane is hard at work, scanning the books using my laptop during class because the school has no OCR. This isn't a problem for me, I use the BrailleNote in class, but it does make for interesting dynamic when you don't remember what documents are clean, what are not, what is done and what is not.
It could be worse, I could have no scanner at all.
I think I will enjoy these classes, I just have to get through the first week or two of school.
Julio did even better today. He exhibited less stress and was much less confused. The area between Senior Square and the cafeteria is too crowded during his first relieving oppertunity at school, so we're going to see what can be done there.
I'm feeling better about that front every day. I think we're eventually going to understand each other's movements more solidly soon!
Well, I need to find four articles on China for Friday, then start reading a long chapter for Friday, and I've got something I'm not sure is scanned yet, so maybe I'll have someone read for me. Note to self: Figure out a way to start the scanning process earlier if that's possible.
Well, talking's getting me no where, accept giving me a chance to vent. And writing always helps things either look better or at least unjumble themselves.
I need to get some more sleep, I was exhausted starting the day.

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