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Once again I find myself on the computer, wondering what else I needed to do. Julio took his Heart Guard like the treat it is for him, all I had to do was put it in his dish.
Baxter gets his front line today, so I just finished listening to Mom trying to put the stuff on him. And I think of how good my Julio was in school when I exicuted the same operation sixteen days or so ago.
I started to feel better and managed to eat a sandwich with no ill effects, but I still feel like I'd rather be in bed!
I checked to see if my article was up on the newspaper's web site and it isn't yet. When it is, I'll try to link to it.
I'm so proud of Julio, I don't know that I really explained how good he was and how well he behaved at school today, but it was amazing. To walk around teachers with ease. I remember writing of anticipation of doing that very thing, but I had this idea that I'd adjust to it with ease. I need to trust my Julio more, I kept inadvertantly shying away. But he's already picking up on the classrooms which is great!
I'm so proud of him!
Well, I guess I should go find out if I can help mom figure out whats for dinner.
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