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Making mistakes

I hate making mistakes, I know it's part of life, but I hate making them at the expense of Julio.
Yesterday, I decided to give Julio a carrot in his cong. He sort of liked it, but I get the feeling he didn't care.
I got a call that they needed another article for the Local Newspaper. I've been working on one about Julio and Guide Dog etiquette. Mom had proof read it, so I sent it in. The person I always work with says it's good, and once it's up on the web site, I'll try to post the link. I'm a perfectionist, so I don't like it as well as I'd like, but I think it will suffice.
Mom had to take a picture in to them, and she took Baxter for a ride, so I got some great play time in with Julio! We played tug, cong, and I acted crazy and got him to run a boat load. He needed it. He was very happy!
We did the Kodiak route which was hard. There was quite a bit of traffic. I think we should have reworked a street crossing, but I didn't understand it, so I couldn't rework it. And Julio decided to take a huge poop on the corner of Lake and 61. I corrected him for that. But I think it's my fault, I should've relieved him again before we started.
I hate when I mess up this way! It's so unfair to Julio. But I figure we'll get better at working this route, and I'll learn to read him.
We did find Kodiak without anyone cuing me where to turn, and the crossing at Centenial wasn't such a problem anymore.
I went to prayer, and this time I didn't worry so much about what Julio was doing. He behaved pretty well.
Today I have to do senior pictures. I'm not happy about that! It seems so pointless. Whenever I get pictures taken, it's what other people want, my family tells me what looks good and I just do what they tell me to do. Sometimes I get to choose my outfit, but not usually because the ones I choose don't take good pictures. And I may or may not get to choose my own background.
Plus, I can't enjoy them at all when it's over. I know I'm throwing a cyber tantrum, but I just hate picture taking sessions! If I didn't have to do this, I wouldn't, believe me.
At least Julio gets to be in the pictures with me, and he LOVES getting his picture taken.
Maybe I can sucker Mom into taking me shopping afterwords. That'd be good. I know Julio loves malls.
Well, I need a shower, then I have to start the debate with the family over what I'm wearing. I just have one question and then I'll shut up, why are we paying for this?

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