Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Fun stuff?

This could've gone into the entry for yesterday, but I didn't know about it yet.
At church yesterday, there was one time I had to give Julio a strong reminder tobehave. I had to slide the collar up on his neck, into the high collar position which is what they told me to do if he got silly, wouldn't respond to a regular correction. I didn't have to give him a high collar correction, but just having the collar up there calmed him down. I'd been standing by the doors and someone closer to spuds16's age came. I know her somewhat well, but she wasn't overly excited, so I couldn't figure out what Julio was excited about. Dad told me later that she's a similar build, height, hair color and such to Julio's raiser. Her hair was pulled back, so it looked short to him too. It's those little things you'll never know unless someone tells you.
This morning I had to get up for a chiropractor appointment, but I came home and went back to bed. Then I had to take Julio to the vet for a kennel cough vaxene.
It looks like I'm presenting to the teachers about Julio on Wednesday and tomorrow is senior pictures. Fun stuff!

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