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Being at home

Yesterday actually was a good experience, although I stressed more than was necissary. Julio did fine, and I just had to be a consistant handler. That's normal, so all in all, it wasn't anything too difficult.
The picnic was fun, and the coffee I brought brought in some money at the auction, but I'm not sure how much.
I chatted a lot, and it was nice to be with people who use dogs, because I think it helped me to see more experienced users again.
Some of my friends got me a gift card to one of the pet stores in town, and I'm so grateful!! Food,toys, other stuff all add up quickly! I still remember going through on Monday thinking to myself "I had no idea I needed all this stuff!" Some costs like the food bin and bed won't happen every time I go though. I digress though!
I ended up going to church with a friend who was at the picnic. We met at the ACBM convention a year or so ago, well, actually, Ican say that for a lot of people there. But anyway, we'd actually emailed a little bit before that and accidentally met at convention. It was a Catholic service, which doesn't bother me, I'm not denomination crazy, meaningthat I don't care what denomination you are, just that we can believe the same core things. It was a lot of fun, and she helped me know when to stand, sit and whatever. Julio did fine, but kept trying to stand up with me. We got it figured out though.
I worked doubles with her to a restaurant and then we took her home. It was good to get out and work my Julio again in a city. He loves that kind of work!
I had to go home, because Julio needed to eat. I slept most of the rest of the evening and all night last night too.
This morning I woke up and thought their was a goose in the house. I kept hearing Dad go to the door, say something, open it and then close it. I'd hear some honking noise and then the cycle would repeat again. Turns out Baxter's sick. He's coughing a lot. We'd had to take him to the vet on Tuesday for sneezing. We think he has Kennel cough. What's worse is that Julio's vaxcene expired Friday. Tomorrow we're going back to the vet.
Church was awesome! Our pastor had a great sermon and Julio did well. His pedestrian work was excellent, but he was giving people those sad eyes.
Most people were okay about the not petting thing. Fewer were okay about the talking thing. And some were terrible about the eye contact thing.
It was still a great experience, and we did a lot of work. I think that Julio and I will do really well. I mean, this was only our first Sunday. If I keep working on it, I think we'll do fine!
We got sandwiches from Big Apple, and now I'm just home writing this.

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