Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Life's a dance... You learn as you go!

I have this feeling that I'll always be learning new things now. With Julio by my side, things will always be interesting!
I went to 711 at church last night and saw many of the people I missed so much. I was able to get and give hugs in abundance, something I missed so badly this summer. I missed having my Mom their to demand a hug every night. I missed my weekly hugs at church. I appreciated the respect of people respecting your personal space, but I just wanted a hug, a handshake... something to remind me I wasn't alone. Many times, emails and phone calls filled that void for me, but not always. And it was hard being in an environment where you don't know if you trust everyone. Maybe you shouldn't trust anyone.
I wonder if that will be easier in college. How will I fill that void of support I've had so readily? I mean, it's not that I wasn't supported, I know I was, but at home or school, the chances were good that I'd be near someone I know and trust. Even if I had a terrible day, I knew where to go. It takes time to build those kind of relationships, and time was something I didn't always have.
There were a lot of cool people, but I missed those people I've known so long.
So it was good to be back at church. I never realized how accepted I feel there and how much love there is their.
The thing I learned is that I can't let people come up completely excited. I can't let them come up screaming my name in joy and almost bouncing off the ground. Julio gets too excited, Ihad to give him a high collar, something I never do! He was ready to go home, I can tell you that!
Today I am at work with Dad. It's a chance to expose Julio to an office setting and get some work in with the public. Julio does pretty well, but again, the greetings are difficult. Also, it's hard because I don't know where I am, so it's hard to direct Julio.
Other than that, it's been a great day.
I'm exhausted from all of the care he requires, but I know it will become more habit. And I love him so much, it doesn't matter! I'd do almost anything for him!
Well, that's gonna be it for this entry!


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