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It's really good to be home!

Well, I'm finally back from an amazing, awesome, stressful, satisfying, enlightening, life changing summer. I appologize that I won't be rehashing everything in this journal, but I'm a little less trusting of the online world now. I will be speaking in gen3eral terms about things though.

Convention was an amazing experience for me. I learned form oGuide Dog users and many of my fears were put to rest. I learned a lot of stuff that just knowing what to expect helped me.
I also spent a lot of time doing things with The National Alliance of Blind Students. I gained a lot of experience in the press room that may or may not help me with journalism.
One of the lessons I learned was how to take care of myself. Okay that sounds stupid I know. Here's what I mean. I learned the importance of taking care of yourself and that it's okay to ask others to let you do it and say that you've reached your limit.
One night I was exhausted from delivering papers the night before. My foot was so sore! I could hardly stand it. I had people telling me to get to the room, ice my foot and go to bed. I wouldn't do it. My Dad ended up playing the jerk so I'd have something to fall back on and an excuse to use.
Surprisingly, I learned from that. I don't want to be dependent on my parents, or anyone else for that matter. By trying to be everything and do everything, I'd made myself dependent on Dad to get myself to bed.
I'm learning to ask for help, but there comes a point where I can avoid asking for help by realizing my limits. Is that making sense?
Let me put it a different way. Had I just said "I'm sorry, I need sleep tonight and I need to ice my foot," they would still have had to finde someone else to help. But I ended up dragging Dad into it without trying to do it.
I'm trying to grow up a little so I don't do that so much.
Friday I spoke on the convention floor briefly. One of the scariest things I've ever done. I litterally didn't feel much pain because of the adrenaline.
That's a really really brief report on convention, one which can't even capture the moments, but hey, that's what I've got time to write.

Then there was Summer Transition Program.

Coming straight from convention to STP was very tricky. Lots of culture shock. And lots of frightening cane usage. But we got past that. STP gave me the chance to try new things and overcome old fears. It also helped me learn things I'd need for GDB.
I'm so glad I went. I made some great friends too!

And then there was GDB, but I wrote a boat load of journal on that, and I've mentioned it here before, so I'm not talking about it. On to the last two days.
Returning home with a new Guide Dog can be overwhelming for anyone. And I'm no exception to the rule!
Yesterday morning we continued to notice that Baxter was not feeling well. He was vomitting and sneezing. So we made an appointment with the vet. While we were at it, we made the appointment they recommend you make with the local vet for your new Guide Dog.
I did the Kodiak route and noticed some stress in Julio. I think it may be too high traffic for the first route to learn. I also think that it's just overwhelming for any Guide Dog moving to a new environment.
I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't eat any lunch. We took the dogs into the vet. What a great place to do obedience!
Our vet seems like she'll be pretty easy to work with and she seems to agree with GDB on pretty much everything which will make my life easier.
I stupidly had a dentist appointment for yesterday. I don't recommend doing that so soon after coming home, but hey, it's done.
Julio did great! I brought a tie down and such, so he was quiet. He did try to go visit a patient in the waiting room, but still, it's so much easier with a Guide Dog! He also seems to reverse routes well which is nice, especially when you can't remember which door is the right one!
We went to Wendy's for dinner and I struggled with my practice of using a tray and working a dog. But that's okay, that's why I'm practicing!
Today Julio did well at the chiropractor and church while we waited for Mom. I was pleased with him.
Then I spent some quality time with Julio.
Well, this has been long enough.
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