Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Feeling blue and excited!

So today I've been getting ready for convention. I'm really excited, but also very nostalgic, thinking about the fact that I won't see many of the people close to home for 7 weeks. And what's more, I won't be home. But I'm also excited because that means that the next time I'm in Forest Lake (unless I run home for something between stuff) I'll have a Guide Dog.
I got my class information for GDB. I mean the travel stuff. I'm really happy about that! I've got all the important stuff now.
I'm ripping CDS to my laptop because I've decided to take my laptop with me to convention and maybe GDB. This way I'll have music. And the ability to LJ by typing if I wish. Although I probably won't wish tojournal because nothing beats the BN for portability! The I'll keep the list going, and be writing hopefully daily once I get to Oregon. And I'll try to update the LJ at convention and maybe at STP.
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