Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Parks and such

So yesterday was the Arts in the Park thing. Accept that YP
A was there, I wouldn't have gone, and it wasn't one of those great experiences for me. Mom kept zoning, so when I'd try to get her help, I couldn't. But Amy did come and take me to get some chocolate ice cream! Yummy! Definitely good stuff.
So things are starting to fall into place sort of, although getting ready for the NABS stuff is extremely stressful. Trying to make decisions over email is not fun! That's all I can say.
With getting ready for all of the convention stuff and all, I'm not sure if I'll update before I leave. And I'm not sure I'll update when at convention unless Dad has JAWS on his laptop or I connect with my BN and post by email. I guess I should really unsubscribe from lists soon huh?
Oh, and does anyone want to subscribe to my email Guide Dog journal and post it to LJ in the community nickiesdog?
You can subscribe at and then join the comunity and post to it by copying and pasting. If anyone wants to, let me know.
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