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Okay, I'm going to be nice and put this behind cuts:

Today I took over our church's children's moment which is where the kids come up and get a little message in front of the whole church. I took my Guide Dog stuffed animal and explained not petting/feeding the dog and what it does and took questions. It went really really well! I was surprised. I've never thought I do well off the cuff, and today I just found out I was for sure doing it, so I had very little preparation, but the time I took outlining must have helped, because other people said I did well!

Craig preached a great sermon today. He talked about having your game face on. Basically, not letting other things distract you from what God wants you to do and following Him. It was a great reminder and ties in nicely with my decision.

And finally:

Today I read Joshua 1-4 which talks about the Israelites crossing the Jordan and how it dried up when they took that first step of faith into the water. I also started reading the book "Listening With My Heart" by Heather Whitestone. She was Miss America. And she is profoundly deaf. She talks about following her heart and going for your dream. She has a deep faith, and tells of persuing her dream of dancing for the glory of God.
Between those two things, I've decided something. This also comes from a discussion with Mom. I've decided that if I'm supposed to get this dog, and be more independent, God will provide the way. He'll help me when I'm sore, scared or alone. He'll never let me down. And if it's not in His perfect plan, I can live with that, but I don't think He'd bring me this far to leave me.
So like the Israelites, I'll take that step of faith. I'll trust in Him. And I'll be couragious!

I've also been spending time working on NABS stuff. Writing stuff for convention and such. I think that's a good thing, it gives me practice.

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