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Mom's been supposed to take me to the grocery store for foods I can either microwave or grill. It hasn't happened yet. I am really sick and tired of waffles, and can't eat much cereal, so I don't know what to eat for breakfast. Oh, wait, yes I do, I didn't finish my sandwich from dinner Thursday because I had to get on the call for the meeting.
I hate our house! I can't find stuff in the fridge because it's not labeled, and it's not in the same spot. When I move out, I will organize my stuff. I have to, or I'd die of hunger. But at least I should be able to find the sandwich. And maybe I'll get someone to finally tell me where meat is, what it is, and grill it. I can grill sort of well, and now don't burn my hands because I have the ove gloves from michael_m. I'm thinking I may pack them in my suitcase for STP just in case I can use them when cooking, assuming we work with stoves and such. Going to eat now, tell about yesterday in a minute.
Okay, that's better! I had a great day yesterday. It started out not the best. I'd planned on getting lots of sleep so I'd be less tired. It didn't happen! The NABS meeting went until past 10, and there was some very heatted discussion, so I couldn't sleep afterwords. I ended up going to sleep at 11:30, and then waking up at 6 because I had a chiropractor appointment. That left me feeling tired.
Then we got a late start, but it all worked out in the end.
I had such a great time, it's hard to put it into words!
spuds16 drove me to Becky's, and we took a metro mobility to Har Mar. I'd never taken Metro, so it was definitely a new experience. I was nervous, but shouldn't have been. It's actually very easy, and I could do it if I end up in the cities for college.
We waited at Har Mar for the others, and when they came, we went to North Western bookstore, I got Becky's birthday present two months late and also found a Robin Mark CD. We picked up my extra pair of shoes from Famous Footware, then went to subway for lunch. I had a cold cut trio, and a doctor pepper that didn't taste like one. The syrup was running out I guess.
Then we got on a bus to Rose Dale, crossed one of the freakiest intersections near Har Mar too. Luckily, Kelly's daughter Megan was there, and she took me sighted guide. That was very helpful, because it's hard to walk in a group with a cane.
Then when we got to Rose Dale, we went to Claire's. I got a hat that will match most of what I wear, and fits well. I also got a pair of earrings that are little turtles.
Then we went to Bath & Body Works. I don't normally go there anymore, but ended up shopping. I got some hand sanitizer wipes for after relieving my dog at school, or if I have to do it in a hurry. I also bought a bar of soap which I think will be more transportable than a bottle of body wash. And some body butter for my foot if needed.
Then we went to a candle store and Halmark and I didn't buy anything.
We had drinks at a Dairy Queen, Orange Julious and Carmel Corn shop. I had a Coke.
We also checked out this store I think it was Christopher Banks, and I got a pair of caprese and a shirt that matches. The Caprese are a light turquoise with little white crochet flowers at the bottom. The shirt is white with the turquoise fabric at the neck, edge of the sleves and a little pocket on the sleve.
Then we waited for the bus.
Dad picked me up, and we went to Romanos Macaroni Gril and I had some great food, including dessert. I had this pasta dish, with bowtie pasta, chicken, this Italian ham, red and green onions, and cheese sauce. We had a dessert sampler, and I wish I hadn't been so full! It was great!
Then I came home and caught up on sleep.
My foot handled it well, although it was sore.
Well, that's all from here!

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