Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

These two days

Yesterday I hung out with Erica. We had a really good time, chatting, reading things in French and playing with the girls.
Chatting is always nice. It's nice, too, that we don't have to agree, and she's one of the people I can be frank with, and she can be frank with me and I don't feel confronted. Chances are good if you're reading this, that you're also one of those people. We talked about lots of stuff, from politics to the Da Vinci Code to religion.
Reading things in French was also cool! We read some poetry, but I couldn't tie all the words together, so she had to translate. Then, shock of shocks, I read a poem I'd written. I can't believe I did that. I don't really feel comfortable with my French yet, and so don't share it, even with people I trust. Even with people I trust a lot.
Audrey and Amandine gain abilities every time I see them. We played a lot, and Audrey even tried to look at the touch and feel book I'd bought at Seedlings for them. They have this phone thing that speaks French, Spanish and English, but the pronnunciation of the French was slightly off. That's okay though.
Yesterday, Erica introduced me to Ben And Jerry's ice cream! Yum!! That was great!!
Like I said, I had a great time!
Last night, I also got to hang out with Dee and Margaret. That was awesome as always! And people were looking at and signing my yearbook.
Today, we had a funeral. It was let's see, my mom's half siblings's mom. I didn't know her well at all, but that's okay, we were their to be supportive. They had a cook out after the service, and I think as much as I like the family, I don't like the gatherrings. Way way way too overwhelming!
Then we got coffee, came home, I listened to Marlaina's show, and found a few more books.
I have a NABS board meeting I'm not sure I wanna go to to be honest, because it means i'll miss a sleep over I wanted to go to but didn't know for sure about until I'd said I'd be at the meeting.
So them's the breaks!
Tomorrow, I will be hanging out with several friends. More to come on that.
PS: 31 days till GDB, and I'm sort of feeling better now.

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