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Well, it looks like I'm still waiting. Ug! The doctor isn't in til Monday! Maybe the nurse will call back with the results. I just want to know where to go from here!
On the upside, my mental attitude seems to be improving, I feel less depressed. It's probably since I'm not on meds anymore. I took one pill and was depressed for two days.
I really wish I could volunteer somewhere this weekend or go out with friends, but I get warn out so easily with my foot. I'm telling myself I'll handle it at convention, the power of positive thinking.
Okay, I need to find something to read that will be calming, and the book I'm reading is not calming. Oh well, I'll find something, maybe I'll take the laptop upstairs and clean, accept then I can't get to the phone if it rings... UG! Okay, stay saine. As my friends told me last summer, breath!!!

Well, I'm off to act like an idiot somewhere else. Wish I could work the TV, then I'd watch MR. Rogers' Neighborhood and Arthur.


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