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Finding out

Today I sit in front of the computer, wondering what's in store fore me. So many fears... Will my Guide Dog like me? Am I even worthy of going to GDB? These fears have plagued me for some time now. They are like a constant nagging fear.
Nagging is what foot pain is... But nagging is too gentle of a term for it. It's worse than that. And maybe today we'll find out what's wrong with me. Maybe today something will finally click.
I am more fearful today than usual. I guess it's that unexpected fear, you fear the unknown. That's the worst fear too. With other fears, I can stare them down, because I know what they are. But the unknown is just that, unknown.
As I always do, I did not take my Tylinol PM last night. I don't know if it can interfere with the injection. So I don't risk it. I woke up several times last night and finally gave up at 4:30. I had some apple juice which classifies as a clear liquid at 6:15 or so, an hour before I can't drink at all. I took a bath, it sort of calmed my nerves, but not much. That empty stomach that's upset from nerves still works.
Maybe my tiredness will allow me to really catch up on sleep after the injection. Maybe I won't even have one. Whatever happens, I will pray, and try to remember that God is with me.

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