Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Of balls that beep and other stories

Yesterday we had beep baseball practice. I seem to be getting better at fielding which is good considering how Dad who was spotter got tongue tied. I find it easier to find balls than I do to hit the ball. But I surprised myself when I hit the ball off a pitch, and ran and got the base. I'm trying not to remind myself that the only reason I didn't get out was cause the fielders knocked the ball out of each other's hands. I'm still proud that I'm improving, and it was nice to have real bases. everyone is really starting to improve which is cool to see. I think we all have lots of good skills to bring to the table. One of the veteran players told me that I was doing well, and that it takes two years to get to the point where it's natural.
There was supposed to be a conference call for ACB, that michael_m reminded me of, but I was tired and sore in the foot and didn't go. And it sounds like it didn't even happen, so I don't feel bad anymore.
This morning we recieved a phone call from the chiropractor's office, asking if we remembered we were supposed to come in today since they were closed tomorrow. Nope, we didn't. So we went in. I had a cappuccino and doughnuts, and now need to call a friend.
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