Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby


Today was definitely a good day. Church was interesting. I have a lot to digest, and I'm not sure how to digest it all here. I think I'm going to need to just sit here and free write one day. Maybe just do a cut saying "free write" and then not feel bad about taking up space on friends pages.
I hung out today, started reading quite a bit. And then had the NABS convention planning committee meeting and got volunteered for a couple things. But that's okay. I think one of them will be fun and the other won't, but I'll do it. I'm supposed to be a leader, and in my mind, that means serving, although I'm the appointed Junior Rep, I still feel the responsibility as if I were an elected officer. My throat is sort of sore, and I don't know why.
Well, anyway, I'm tired and need sleep, and feel that I should also talk to the parentals since they're talking.
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