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I'm still alive

Okay, sorry for the total laps of posting! I've been sort of busy and also unable to access the internet.
Tuesday I was supposed to take my Bio test, but there were some problems with the whole situation, so I didn't get to. That added to my stress for the end of the year. spuds16 and I went to Chipotle, and that ended up turning into a trip to Barnes and Noble, the Starbucks in there, and the McDonalds to satisfy our craving for fries.
Wednesday, I took the French final orally because even though my teacher emailed it to me at 7:25, it didn't show up until 8:30. Then during weight training, I took the bio test, then just sort of coasted through the day. Mom picked me up at 2:30 with the news of results from my MRI. The doctor is on vacation, but the nurse got permission from another doctor to share the results with us, and told mom that the doctor would call us when he got back if he needed to see me sooner than the June 22 appointment I have set up already. It appears that there's swelling (No sh*t sherlock!!!!). And a probable tear in the tendon at the first metitarsle. So who knows.
Thursday, I was at home, just recovering from the school year. Mom and Dad worked the senior all night party.
Friday, we took something into school for diane. We went to Pizza Hut for lunch, then went to find some suitable Pajamas, and of course that involved a stop at the Mrs. Fields at Rose Dale. Oh, I forgot, Mom was obviously tired, so we grabbed coffee at Kodiak. I discovered that I love their Capuccinos!
Last night there was a storm, but it wasn't to bad.
This morning was Car Care. I got to help a woman who uses lip reading because she can't here. She was really nice.
Then we had Beep Ball. I think I'm the worst person on the team, but even I'm getting better. It really is starting to come together.
We went to a fund-raising barbeque that dad happened to see on the way to Beep Ball for lunch.
We came home and I downloaded my email. As I did my preliminary sorting, I saw that I had an email from Guide Dogs for the Blind. It was confirming my place in class! Yay! It's feeling so real to me! Only 43 days!
Amy's grad party was today, so we went to that. Now it's time for me to catch up on email. I finally have access again!

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