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MarsupiMarsupials... Interesting!

Yesterday the headache I may or may not have mentioned got the best of me. I got light sensative and smell sensative, and very very nautious. I just tried to sleep it off. Today I do feel better, although I have some residual weakness.
Today did go pretty well, and I tried to stay more calm, recognizing that in one year, the fact that I stressed out over the end of the year would make no difference. I also tried to keep in mind that I am caught up in all of my classes, and I've stayed that way for the entire year. I tried not to stress out over feeling like the whole world was judging me like I have for the past few weeks. I thought I was over that.
This morning I had a chiropractor appointment, which was good, considering the major headache! Needless to say, my back and neck really needed the adjustment!
In French we had a practice final, and I think I'll do fine on the real thing.
Weight training went well, although I still felt weak from the headache yesterday, so I may not have performed to my best ability.
Journalism was laid back as usual.
Biology was difficult because we're doing this thing where we look at marsupials, and try to figure out how they've evolved. But the data sheet wasn't Brailled for me. So that's where much of my stress has come from.
Thankfully, the nausea I've felt has gotten less, so I was able to eat doubles of French toast sticks today.
This afternoon, my Adaptive Phy Ed teacher and I went to Kodiak, and it was a nice way to wind down after what has been a stressful week.
Tomorrow is beep baseball, and hopefully swinging a bat will help me to let out more stress.
Well, it's time for dinner!

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