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Sunny day... Sweeping the clouds away

You know what's ironic about that subject? I hardly ever watched that show. But lately, the girls in my locker bay in the gym locker room and I have been remmanissing about songs from when we were little. So I thought I'd share.
Today was an okay day. I've been feeling frustrated, sad, stressed all week and don't know why. And today wasn't an exception. I'm feeling sick right now which will hopefully change once I get something to eat.
I'm trying to figure out why I can't enjoy the days like I think I should. I've started a journal in my BrailleNote of things I'm grateful each day, and that sort of helps. I heard something interesting today: when you're worried, focus on God instead. I should to that. I struggle with that a lot!
Today was the student recognition day ceremony. I was there for weight training. It was cool to see students get recognized!
I'm understanding more French every day which is cool!
Tomorrow, my adaptive Phy Ed teacher and I are walking to Kodiak after school. It's something to look forward to!
Well, I'm over and out!

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