Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

The run down of the day

lj-mood: Cheerful
lj-music: the other kids in the cafeteria
Today was a good day. No pain equals Nickie happy. I couldn't eat much breakfast today because I still felt sick, but I ate my Italian dunker with no ill effects.
French stuff is going well. It's slightly hard just because we were looking at pictures and writing stories, but I'm managing. It's in groups, so it's not so bad.
During weight training, I did some stretching, and in between each routine of the several stretches I did some sit ups. Then I tried doing a stretch, sit up, stretch sit up, but ran out of time before getting through the whole routine.
In journalism, I'm working on my third article. It's frustrating because my teacher wants more stats which I can't find. But she said she'd look.
Bio looks like it will be continuing to stay interesting. We talked more about breeding and tomorrow is eugenics. Definite interesting stuff there. I'll keep you all posted.
I'm sitting here, waiting for mom to come and get me. The media center sounded like it was going to be used, so I couldn't work in there. I'd get something to drink, but the one pop machine I know the buttons for doesn't appear to be working. And neither does the water machine.
I'm continually getting more excited about getting a Guide Dog. Today my speech coach asked me how many days. I o that more than I do how many days are left of school. It's nice to work to the beginning of something, not the end.
Tomorrow is MRI day. I'm not too nervous at this point, I know what to expect, or at least I think I do from the last time. I should wear comfy clothes I know that.
I'm disturbed by an article in The Braille Forum yesterday. It was not what I wanted to hear. But then, I don't want to just hear what I want to hear. I want to hear what's going on and what people are thinking.
On the other hand, I was encouraged by what I read in the Student Advocate yesterday. I liked what the leaders had to say.
I hope this convention can be one of healing, not of hurting. I need to start making a list of what I'm going to do. I'll have to do that soon. Then I can register, but there are things I need to go to that I won't see on the registration form. I should have Dad look at some of the information. See if he has anything he wants me to go to.
This looks like there will be quite a bit of good career choosing information this year for me.
If anyone from LJ is going, it would be fun to meet you, but I need to do so with someone I've met present. It's something I think the parents would prefer, and I understand their point.
Well, this is all for my entry!

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