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Yeah, this entry will be random! But I'm a random person! And this entry reflects me.
French was good. I missed one point on my quiz, not the worse I could've done. What else? We're working on the difference between qui and que. Fun or not?
Weight training was non-existent! The junior highers had a tallent show or something in the gym, and apparently our working made too much noise. No offense, but we do need to work.
In journalism, I set up an interview. So I'll be doing that.
And biology was more work as well.
Then Diane and I talked with my dean, about educating my fellow students.
Then we worked on the corner I messed up on on the Kodiak route. I get it now I think.
And then we worked on just some crossings. It wasn't too hard. Nice easy change.
And now I'm listening to Marlaina, and she's playing some of Becky's music.
Well, I'm going to post a test message with some random stuff to my LJ in a minute.

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