Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Nice day

Today was nice. I'm slowly feeling better.
In French I took a quiz, and I think I did okay. Then we had options and watched a movie on why we shouldn't drive drunk. Like I said before: If I'm driving drunk, we've got lots of problems! But whatever it takes to save a life.
In weight training we went outside so the boys could play football.
In Journalism, I continued to try to figure out how I'd do the article I'm going to do.
And Biology was interesting as usual.
I got a call from two of the instructors at GDB today. If I understood them right, they're going to be teaching in my class. They seemed extremely nice! They asked me about my lifestyle, dog preference and all of those things.
I'll write more about it in my Guide Dog journal. I'm debating figuring out how to post it to this LJ as well.
Well, that's the run down for the day.

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