Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Long time no write

Friday was okay. I thought I was getting well that day. I continued to improve on weight training which was good.
Saturday, I went to the MNGDU meeting. It was really nice to hear all the stories from Guide Dog users! But it was hard sitting there knowing I didn't have one!
Luckily, Kelly brought her Guide Dog over to me and let me love on her. She makes me smile!
Sunday, I had church, and by then I was feeling terrible again. I also had the PACER puppets picnic, and I didn't do as well at the show as I wanted to. I got into some interesting disability discussions though.
Yesterday wasn't the best day I could have had. But there were some good parts.
I was still struggling with the cold. I did continue to improve in weight training. I started to get some more signatures of people in my yearbook.
But I really messed up on the Kodiak route. Veered into a parking lot. That whole situation just needs to die. We'll not discuss it here. You can talk to me personally if you really wish to go into detail. But it'll all work out. Diane and I will work on it Thursday.
I talked to Kelly which was a plus!!
And then had prayer which was good!
Today was pretty okay as they go. I started the day feeling sick, but I think I'm getting better. Diane and I discussed some stuff for next year.
Biology continues to be interesting! I learn some really cool stuff each day!
Journalism was kind of weird today because we switched to B lunch for the day and went to see the Modern American Voices kids put on a short little play thing. It was pretty interesting.
I was struggling in weight training, probably because I found it dificcult to breathe.
Tomorrow is options so the seniors can see a mock car crash. And we can watch some movie about something. Yay... not.
Well, I'm out of here.

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