Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

The rest of today

Well, I was really really surprised! Dispite my headache, I actually enjoyed myself! It was really really really cool to see the other kids get recognized for their hard work! Although I didn't always have the best time, getting up early was not fun, I really liked a lot of the kids. I was also really surprised, because I received a "late bloomer" award.
I honestly don't think I'm great competitively. I mean, I walked in and told my coach that I wanted to do well, but I wanted to learn and improve first. And she respected that and worked with me. She worked on life skills of speaking. Not just how to win a competition. And I think I'm better off that way. I'm not in the winning business. I just want to improve.
Well, ow'm really tired, and my head hurts. But it was a good night of laughter and fun!
Current mood: shocked

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