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Today started out with me feeling pretty nasty physically. I really didn't sleep all that well last night. I'm not sure why. I think I had another Guide Dog dream, but don't remember what about.
I had McDonalds for breakfast, which was nice. It was raining this morning, so I had to walk quickly to get inside. I wished I'd brought a jacket, but since I didn't, I was glad I brought a sweater.
I now have my French book again. For the last week or less I've had to rely on others to read because I didn't have the next volume. So I was glad to have my book again.
Weight training surprised me in that I survived. Like I said I was feeling lousy. But it actually helped me feel better.
We voted on speech captains today. I got the info emailed to me. That's always a plus.
Today I talked to my journalism advisor a bit about next year. I got some questions answered. And I feel a little better about that.
In biology we're working on genetics. Well, we're finishing up a stem cell project in which we talk about it. We aren't required to spout out how great stem cell research is or anything, and now I understand what it is, so that's good. I can't decide how I feel about it until I know the facts.
Then we got an assignment on choosing a genetic disorder and researching it. I am going to research retinitis pigmentosa. So at least it's something that applies to blindness. My bio teacher really seems to enjoy having a blind student in the class which is always a real plus!
I'm sitting waiting for mom to be done getting her haircut. I already got mine cut.
For a while, we didn't know if Barb would be able to cut our hair after this, but it looks like we'll be going to see her in the other place she works because she's not working where we go now. She's just really awesome. Not just because of the way she cuts hair, but because I'd consider her a friend! She and I always have something to talk about. And she is always so positive.
When she wants to try something new, she really describes it well, and explains as much as I need her to. So I'm glad we will be seeing her again!
I still have a lot left in the day at this point. I think mom and I are going to get pizza. And I need to change into something a bit nicer for the speech end of the year thing.
I'll probably go to bed early if I can.
Before I forget, if anyone wants to subscribe to my Guide Dog Training Journal, you can. It's
Tonight is the speech awards thing. I feel guilty that Mom's gonna skip bell choir just to go to it with me. I didn't really do that well this year in speech. I mean, personally I did, but I didn't add much to the team. Yes, I want my parents to come, but not as much as I did for parents' night where they could watch the "final product" of my speech. But I feel guilty that mom's going to miss bell choir.
Well, I'll try to update later to let you all know how it's going!
Current mood: Good but guilty
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