Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Mother's day and Monday

Yesterday was way way too humid!
I went to church and saw livefreely there. We ended up talking about stuff through almost the entire service. I'm such a rebel... Skipping church. Actually, this time I was going to go, but the discussion was definitely cool, so I think God understands.
We had a cook-out at our friends' house, they're the ones that are basically an extention of the family.
The severe weather was a bit frightening! It got so dark! And this time I was not wearing sunglasses!!! (Sorry long story! But livefreely will get it.)
I still had a great time though and ate a lot!
Today has been a usual day at school. All I have to say about weight training is that jump roping is not fun! I'm terrible at it! Everyone can jump so much faster than me. It's days like today when I feel like a failure because I can't do things that everyone else does so well. But then I hear the voice that tells me that I can do what God made me to do, and that there are things I'm good at and some of them I haven't discovered yet.
My article in journalism needs more details. So I'll have to find some.
Biology was pretty frustrating, but I guess that's to be expected when it's not your regular teacher. But it is frustrating when the teacher hands out papers and doesn't tell me what they are.
I think I have my guide dog journal list set up, but I'm not sure yet.
Other than that, prayer is tonight! (Yay!!)

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