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Better explanations

I posted a really short entry on Thursday, which doesn't show anything. So I figured I'd update with a better entry of more substance today.
Thursday was a pretty nice day as they go. I practiced batting, and got hit in the head a coupple times with a ball. That's okay though. I think I'm getting better.
My parents had to go to my parent teacher conferences, and I think the were actually pleasantly surprised this time which was really nice! After last year, I really do understand why they're a bit suspicious of my academic work. But I'd really rather not get into that too much.
I talked to two of my friends on Thursday which was always a plus. I've been feeling just really down lately and I don't know why. I'll talk to people, and laugh, but there are always these times when I feel down, especially this week.
Yesterday we had our school's Agriculture open house. Samples of cheese, seeing animals (both taxedermied and alive) and just getting to get out of the class room with the teachers' encouragement was really nice! I realize that sounds liike we slacked off, but we didn't! It was just that some teadchers let us go down there for a small part of the class period.
In biology we had a substitute teacher, who used the chalk board way way too much to explain things. I have a feeling that the book was, for once, actually more helpful than the class discussions. But at least I think I understand it. I'll definitely be asking for a different explanation when our teacher comes back on Tuesday though.
Yesterday our elementary school had their carnival which has two purposes: One is to raise some money for things that may not be necessary, but do really enrich the learning environment. Things like the books that we got for free once or maybe twice a year, at one time a new playground, and other things I'm sure I'm leaving out. The other thing that happens is an increased sense of community.
I didn't really care if I participated in the games, but I wanted to see my teachers. It was a really nice experience! I loved talking to them!
Last night my first grade teacher told me that one of the first things I told her I wanted was a Guide Dog. That surprises me I guess at first, but that's less surprising the more I think about it.
The second thing I did that may surprise some of you is that I used my brain and came up with a way to work on walking speed during the month of June.
One of the people who was a big part of my education lives really close to us. I guess most people would have called her a para, but to me, she's always been a great lady who I was lucky enough to get to work with. I always thought she was like a vision teacher who just helped everyone.
Anyway, she often helped me with the lunch line, field trips, and gym class. I've always been able to just talk to her about pretty much anything.
Anyway, during gym class, we couldn't always safely participate in the regular activities because I'd get clocked in the head. So often we'd power walk, or do some other activity that you could do out in the hall of the school.
She always pushed me to do my very best, and we both had a great time! So yesterday when I saw her at the carnival (she now has her teaching license, but I think she could've had it before, she was so good!) I asked her if she'd walk with me in June so I could make sure I was ready. She said she'd do it! I'm so excited!
This is the first time I've really tried thinking of other ways of solving a problem I have.

Today I went to Car Care. I just mingled, which is completely acceptable in that setting. I think I might have been helpful.
I missed Beep Base Ball because Mom and Dad were helping put in Docks and couldn't drive me. I'd expected them to be ready in time to take me but they weren't.
Well, that's pretty much it.
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