Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Last night I worked on batting practice. I'll probably do some more of that tonight. Dad rigged up a ball hanging from a rope and spring from a tree. It makes it so it's in my strike zone and I can hit it as much as I want without anyone helping me. I'm using a wooden T-ball bat to hit the ball, which also gives me some great sound cues!!
We warmed up some left overs for dinner last night. That was okay I guess.
Then we went for a walk around our block. That's about 3 miles, plus the eight of a mile walk each way down our drive way and we did 3.25 or so miles in a little over an hour.
I need to keep that up. The Guide Dogs web site recommends that you do that each day in preparation for training.
I forgot to take my Tylinol PM last night. Consequently, I didn't sleep so well.
This morning I had coffee and a banana chocolate chip muffin. I think I can't eat chocolate chips in the morning because I got sick, just like I used to when I ate just chocolate chip muffins.
I had my weight training test today. I think that went well.
In journalism, a group of us got together and ordered pizza for lunch. That was nice, but I still didn't feel good.
I really enjoy the writing in that class, but I don't fit in. Lots of people talk about others behind their backs in there, and it's so hard to not join in, and I don't want to join in. Why do I find it hard to resist stuff I don't wanna do anyway?
Biology went well. I got a b+ on the test I took yesterday. I missed getting an A by one point!
After school I helped Morgan with her thing on blindness in young children. I hope she gets a great grade!
Then Craig and I chatted for a while. That was nice.
Well, I'm going to say bye for now!

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