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Feeling a bit better!!

Well, I did some exercises after I updated, and that helped. I did my physical therapy, but it isn't really helping, but it's good to feel like you're trying. I still have that anxious feeling, but I think it's a bit toned down. At least, I worked out my nerves. I also prayed some more, not just about my situation, but I also went to
And prayed for a few concerns too. It doesn't look like the doctor is going to call today, but maybe tomorrow. I'm going to try to leave it in God's hands now, I think He can handle that better than me anyway!
I'm getting excited about Convention, although a bit nervous. I'm going to try to plan a lot of things out, and then as rangoon said "Leave it in God's Hands".
I downloaded the program, and will put it on my BN soon, just haven't gotten around to it because the BN's up charging. It needs a good working on, but I have to wait until Beta testing is over.
Well, that's all for now!



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