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I'm waiting for my email to download with my BN and starting writing this off line In note pad. My client doesn't allow me to write a journal entry for my LJ off line. Right after I wrote that sentence, the phone rang. Lesson number one, even if you think you can, after an injection, it is not wise to try to answer the phone. You don't have the balance and ability to go that fast right now. Luckily it was my right shin that went crash into stuff. And it was a telemarketer too!
I feel pretty good, actually, I feel great. I'm numb and able to rest! I took a three hour nap. A painless three hour nap.
I forgot you could do that!
Things went well today, I mean it was an injection, it was a little bit painful, but not overly. I feel much much better! Hopefully I'll get some more sleep.
I was going to try to go to school, but it's extremely weird to walk right now, and I didn't feel safe in the halls. Plus I'm a bit loopy. Probably the fact that I have missed out on good quality sleep.I'm tempted to take another nap.

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