Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Okay, I had my life today...

So where's my prize?
Sometimes I wish each day was like a box of cereal. Then you'd have something good happen each day. I guess some good things happened today, I'm just too sore to think about them. But here's a list:
1. I had coffee.
2. I had a doughnut
3. My weight training teacher is entering me into a drawing of kids who show effort.
4. I'm finished with my article on The Da Vinci Code which I can post here if people want.
5. I have skiddles in my pocket.
6. I got my weekly devotional from
7. I got some other devotionals that were good.
8. Mom's supposed to bring me a coke when she picks me up.
9. I survived the day.
10. I didn't fall asleep.
11. No one got too frustrated with me when I struggled with the tiny DNA puzzle pieces in Biology.
12. Tomorrow is the quiz on chores in French so I won't have to be thinking about then anymore.
13. If I'm understanding the email I read correctly, the Service Animal Attack Protection bill is now law.
14. I will be going to the ACBM meeting for sure.
15. I found out Glorious Appearing is number one on the best seller list.
16. I'm going to church, so I'll hopefully learn something new.
17. The meeting with my SSB counselor went really well.
18. I got to show her all my technology.
19. I walked with a sighted person who let me show her where things are instead of just taking lead because they can see.
20. She now has braille business cards.
Okay, I don't o if this positive list will actually help me, and I don't feel it tells the whole story, but at least I tried.
I still feel extremely frustra%ted and upset about my foot, but at least I can find good things that happened today.
I do feel less frustrated, although in Bio we're using these tiny puzzle pieces to build the DNA ladder and Im not doing so well with the fine motor skills of that.
It's frustrating to me that it takes so long!
But I'll just remind myself that "This too shall pass!"
Well, I'm gonna go!

Current mood: Better!

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