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Last day and aproximately a half

We ended up going out for Sushi. I'm not necissarily a fan of food that feels like it's about to start swimming, but it was fun!
I learned to eat with chop sticks when they're put into this plastic thing that holds them so they look like a big tweasers. I had to use a hand to find the food I was supposed to eat, but I felt so proud of myself that I did it! Dad was proud too, at least that is what he said.
I had cherry coke made with grenadine. That stuff is awesome!!
Saturday was one of those days that makes you feel happy.
I went to VLR for a discussion on transition stuff. It was a pannel thing which I really benefited from. I saw some friends I hadn't seen for a while, which was nice.
Then we went to Beep Baseball. I need to actually hit the ball... But I was close. I can hit from a tee, and am getting close to hitting from a pitch. Who'd have guessed that a half an inch makes a difference?
While there I met up with michael_m. We tried to go to Coffee News Cafe and eat something, but it didn't work out because things were slow!
I ended up going with him, Patty, her cousin (If I'm remembering correctly her name was Jennifer) and michael_m's brother David to a Twins baseball game. The twins won! I now understand baseball more than I ever did before thanks to David's explanations. Now I'm not looking for an excuse to not go with journalism to baseball anymore!
I had a great time, and it was nice not to feel isolated for a while.
I didn't fall asleep until 1245 or so, and woke up when my alarm went off at five, then again at six to say good bye to grandma. Then I slept until 9:45.
I'm pretty tired now. But I'm happy. Of course I'm sore, but that might mean that I'll get stronger. Running probably isn't the smartest thing I can do, but I can't sit around when I get my dog.
Well, I'm gonna go.

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