Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Finally Friday?

Well, it's Friday, a sign that I've made it through another week. I'm struggling with this article for journalism on The Da Vinci Code. I thought it was fairly well written, but disagreed with many of the points in the book. However, I'd definitely recommend that people read it, even though I was sort of offended by a few things, it made me question my faith, and I don't mean that in a "bad way" it's helping me ask questions to understand what I believe.
In weight training I struggle with the foot pain as always. It was so bad today that I took two extra strength Tylinol.
In French we're working on daily routines, right now we're learning chores and house hold appliances. It's a lot to remember!
Biology is going well this quarter! That's nice for me!
Apparently spuds16 doesn't like my weekenders outfit. Oh well!
Well, I think we're going out to dinner.

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