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Easter was really good. Church was a big party which it should be!! I had a great time at Won and Cathy's, and Easter dinner was really good! I was tired from the lock in, but that's okay! The lock in was fun!
Yesterday was pretty good. I'm trying to find things to highlight. That's extremely difficult to do, because I'm a bit tired. Okay, let's see:
I mad NHS which surprised me. I didn't make Girls State which didn't surprise me.
I had to wear a suit to prayer which was weird, but that's okay.
In French we're learning how to say stuff like "I brush my teeth" and such.
During lunch I heard something very very disturbing! But I probably shouldn't shove it around the net.
Today was pretty good to although there were some difficulties. In weight training I struggled to keep up with the fast pace. People say I'm doing fine, but fine isn't good enough for me. I want to do great. Maybe I am. I tend to degrade myself when I shouldn't.
I've got morning after soreness and it's not even the morning after!
I had a scare where my eyes were feeling really weird. And things were looking weird, but my eyes look normal apparently. Fake tear eye drop thingies seem to be helping.
And what's awesome is that.... I did really really well on my Kodiak route! I was scared to try again but I did it! After last time where I messed up so bad.
Because of weight training and the walking I'm sore. But I know God is there and He'll get me through the next two weeks.
I have homework, so I need to go.
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