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Back to the daily grind

Tomorrow is the start of fourth quarter which means my schedule will be as follows:

  1. French

  2. Weight Training

  3. Journalism

  4. Biology

This spring break has actually been a good one, and I feel okay about going back to school.
Today was good. I had church which is always a plus.
I found out that Starbux (yeah Helena, I'm misspelling it to tick you off this time) doesn't sell the tausso berry smoothey anymore which is sad!
Then I went to a friend's house for a Weekenders party. That was really fun!!
Now I'm ready for bed! That hour of sleep I lost wasn't fun!
But it's been a great break! And even though I'm sore today from yesterday I feel okay. My foot needs to calm down, but of course that's not new.
It's not late, but I should probably go. But at least this spring break wasn't a waste.

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