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Although I love spring break, I'm tired of sitting at home wasting it. I really don't get much human contact. That's annoying. I am fortunate enough to have a friends page, and I uess I could sign on to MSN and AIM, but I'm terrible at instant message conversations right now.
Glorious Appearing came out yesterday, and I'm wishing I could read it myself instead of waiting for mom to be able to read it to me. If I'd thought of it I could have scanned it. Guess I won't be doing that now because I'm not sure where Dad put the scanner and I'm not sure where Mom put the book.
I've got some kind of sickness, and since I don't know what it is, I'll call it a Pathogen. It's not that bad though, and I think I'll pull out of it okay.
Well, I'm not really accomplishing much writing now, so I'll stop moping. I hate how pessimistic this entry is sounding!
Oh yeah, I have been reading People Of Vision, and it's really interesting. Maybe I'll go do that in a little bit.
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