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Wow! That was absolutely amazing!!

Well, I wasn't surprised that I had a great weekend, but I was surprised at how awesome it was!! caneprints told me it would be great, and I knew it would, but the concert was so awesome!

For those of you who don't know, the newsboys are a Christian rock group. we had this awesome experience, it wasn't just the NewsBoys, it was both the IWorship and Adoration tours combined. Here's the list of who I remember being there:

  • Jeremy Camp

  • Don Moen

  • Sarah Groves

  • Lenny LeBlanc

  • Robin Mark

  • Rebecca St. James

I should note that although a friend of mine drove myself and another friend down there, she had tickets in a different section and the friend sitting next to me was blind.
I'm someone who loves to know about visual elements, so I really missed having sighted assistance following the concert. I have enough vision that I could see the colored lights they often use at concerts.
It was an awesome spiritual experience! I often had chills, and livefreely and ikess7 might remember the prayer time we had at Revelation study back a few years ago. It was like that, only greater!
I have a CD of the NewsBoys portion of the concert, so I'll be reliving that part, but there were so many other awesome parts to the concert!! I'm trying to describe it, and it's not working. I had the chills from the awesome feeling.
For those of you who know "He Reigns", they had us singing the chorus for almost 5 minutes before they actually went into the song.
Peter Furler went into almost a mini sermon in the middle of the show which rocked!
They did the song Breakfast which I absolutely loved!! Even though my foot hurt like crazy, I was jumping up and down for that one!
I was so psyched for the whole thing, I can't even pick out highlights, because it was all so awesome!!!
One thing I will mention was when Sarah Groves sang Wonderous Cross. In the book The Remnant a woman who is on the way to the guillotene is singing that. Even though I know that The Remnant is fictional, I still felt so moved by that!
I'm really sorry that I can't describe it better.

We didn't get home until 1:00 on Sunday morning, and Baxter didn't let us get to sleep until 3, so I was tired!!
Yesterday we had a really good discussion in Sunday school. I kept wanting to scream during worship, guess i was still in concert mode.
Mom's home, and it's really really nice to have her back!!
Today I wish I could go somewhere to get out of the house. I don't wanna just sit here. I want to go out and hang with friends, or even go people watch at a coffee shop. Going for a long walk would also be awesome!!
Well, I'm going to go!
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