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The good news!

About a week ago, I got some news that feels so long over-do. My special major in Social Welfare has been approved!! A special major is a major which doesn't actually exist. It's one which a student creates because they need a combo of courses that meets their needs in a way that no typical major does. In my case, the internships required in a social work major weren't feasible. I chose to take the option of creating a major with really sounded better anyway.

Basically, the major focuses on disability, illness, some social work, advocacy, and psychology. It's a balance I like. I am sad that I won't get the cool BSW title after my name and won't have a license to do some things, and I can also get a masters of social work MSW later, which I'd need to do some things I'd like to do anyway. I think this is a good option for now.

I'll graduate on May 25, 2013! I can't wait, but will have to… It's a great way to balance out the sadness I wrote about in my previous post.
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