Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Reality distortion field: Or how Magical Thinking can get you Somewhere

I was watching the sixty minutes interview around Steve Jobs. It was fascinating! I keep thinking about what people called his
Reality distortion field
Beyond the fact that he pushed people further than was sometimes possible to you and I. I believe arguments were held with many bleeped out words. That said, when used on ourselves, I could see it being beneficial.

As part of a group I've been participating in, we've been working with affirmations. Basically, I frame things I want to be true as though they are already occurring. That's not how everyone does it. And some of these things are things friends have said are true about me but I haven't been able to learn. I'm counting on that idea of reality distortion or believing things are true even when I don't always feel them to be my reality. I also had A very very very close friend record them to help me absorb them. I can already tell they are helpful, even after just one week of continuous practice.
Tags: affirmations, anxiety, apple, depression

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