Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Sweet Relief

I realize I've been remiss in writing about the stimulator surgery and how it's changed my life. That's right, I did saychanged my life. So here's the deal:

First, the surgery wasn't bad at all. I had a Braille consent form, a warm gown and warm blankets. I was well sedated and only vaguely remember them waking me up in the middle to find out if the stimulator was hitting all the the right places. Then I was lulled back 2zzz land. Next thing I know, I'm wake, my back hurts and they're washing me up. The recovery wasn't bad. My family and Julio were with me, and I was frequently assessed for pain control and nausea. I was reminded how to use the device and my family was shown how to use it as well. Once the medical team was confident that I was stabel enough to go home, I did just that.

The next two days were spent resting at various times, beading at others. Then I went to the<br<a href=">ACBM</a><br>convention. I will admit that convention so soon aftersurgery wasn't smart in various ways, but it kept me distracted from one of the nasty trade-offs of this surgery, the temporary back pain. I sold some jewelry, laughed with old friends and new, learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was so nice to enjoy convention without the leg pain and with control if and when I felt it.
Tags: chronic illness, chronic pain, rsd sucks, spinal chord stimulator, surgery

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