Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

We can't wait to stimulate

I finally have a date for my spinal chord stimulator trial. It's starting Monday. My professors were sent the following information:
"The spinal chord stimulator is like a pace-maker for pain. It uses mild a electrical current to interrupt pain signals. There are two phases of the process, the trial and the full implantation. For the week of December 6-10, I will be undergoing the trial. I will attend classes, but may be distracted by the sensation of the stimulation or need sighted assistance as I will not be too familiar with the controls. I will have restrictions on lifting, bending and stretching, which may require me to ask for extra assistance from professors and peers. I am carrying out the trial during school to test it in my normal environment."
"For more information on the stimulator, visit
I sincerely appreciate your understanding and support during the trial."
My hopes are up, I don't mind admitting that. But I know the risks, infection, bleeding and such. I'm nervous about the unexpected or new aspects of the process, I've had my questions answered but still feel that feeling. And we all know how my body likes to do the unexpected.
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