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In my Global Search for Justice class, we got to write a very short paper on our idea of justice. Here's my stab at it.
Justice Paper

Throughout my college career, I have learned much about social justice from many different perspectives and disciplines.

One synonym for justice is fairness. This fits well with my world view. I believe that everyone should have similar opportunities while still using their unique talents. For example, everyone should be given the opportunity to learn to read, but they may not all choose the same method of reading. In my case, print is not beneficial, but Braille or electronic text is. In a just society, these differences would not preclude learning to read because there would be equal access for all.

This also holds true for resources like food, water and medical care. In a just society, everyone would have access to such important resources. No person would go through periods of unnecessary lack of shelter, food, clothing or medical care.

The next aspect of a just society is diversity. I mentioned this earlier when I discussed fairness and reading, but in a just society, no one would be discriminated or treated unequally based on some perceived difference. Ideally, diversity, or differences would actually be celebrated instead of discouraged.

Finally, justice means that there will be consequences for actions. These consequences need not be terribly hurtful. Instead, the consequences, both positive and negative would be relevant to the actions of the individual. Punitive actions would fit the crime and positive reinforcement would fit the positive action.

In short, the basic tenants of justice include fairness, diversity and appropriate consequences.


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