Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Cheery me!

I wrote a journal entry that didn't get sent. It's happened twice. I'm not sure why the first time, but the second time was because I didn't write the email address correctly.
This weekend was great. I saw a lot of good friends who I missed. It was nice to be around people I share the same interests with. Most people's eyes glaze over about most of the stuff I'm excited about. Going to the MNGDU meeting was nice because people understood why I was so excited and I didn't have to feel like the only one who was so obsessed with it.
I also got some exercise, and 1I'm feeling quoherent! Emagine that! I went to practice for beep baseball and had a blast!
Can we all just admit that I'm a wuss? My leg; and arms are killing me from try to both field the ball which involved squatting down. And learn how to swing the bat at a ball that's not on a t. But I had fun and can't wait for next weekend!!
And don't forget that spring break is next week! Wahoo!! And... and... and'' the NewsBoys concert!
Okay, I'm out for the day! I have prayer tonight! Yay!
Current mood: Awesome
Current music: Kids talking after class

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