Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

On a More Successful Note

A few weeks ago, I posted about creating a motivational playlist to help me with an upcoming task I was nervous about. I was looking for songs that would, as I said then in less delicate terms, help me to kick butt and take names. These are my observations on how using music has worked as an anxiety and pain management tool for the last few weeks, and especially how it helped me prepare for and accomplish the task I was nervous about.

As I put my playlist together, I sought a lot of feedback. I think this was mostly a positive thing. I got some great song suggestions which I wouldn't have thought of on my own. It also had the added benefit of giving me some songs in my playlist which reminded me that I had friends pulling for me. I did have to be careful, however, to remember that this was and is my playlist and I'm ultimately the only one who needs to be happy with it. Some songs people suggested didn't work for me and I sometimes felt guilt about that. I needed to remind myself that this playlist isn't about pleasing others and, so far, no one has been offended that I didn't end up using their suggestion. Music is a subjective art and it's important to find something you like if you're going to use it as a tool for healing.

The next piece I had to manage was the tempo. On one hand, it was good to have some fastlet's-go-get-'em music. It was motivating and it helped me to send emails, make calls, do writing and generally prepare things I needed to prepare as well as just get a smile on my face. But since my anxiety was and is high, I always need to manage the speed of my music, so I chose a lot of positive songs which are slower. These help me to relax, breathe and manage my anxiety and thus have a positive influence on my pain levels.

Did I say pain levels? Yes I did. Don't believe me? Go read this
How To Cope with Pain Article
I do find that the music does help distract me from the pain and allow me to get things done when I need to, even when the pain is at higher levels.

Finally, I did throw in a few affirmation tracks. I found that these were helpful because they helped to counteract the negative thought patterns which are so easy to get into when you have a big task or are dealing with any kind of health challenge.

Overall, I think the playlist was a huge success! Thank you to everyone for your help in putting it together!
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