Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Singing my way to confidence?

I know many of you out there love music, I do too. AsI work toward my goal of livinga full and fulfilling life, I find that music is often one of the medicines which allows me to do that. I've taken to making playlists of songs that help put me in a certain mood, make me laugh or have something vaguely to do with a certain theme. Right now, I'm working on one to boost confidence for something which brings back challenging memories. It's known (I'm cleaning this up here), as the "Kicking A** and Taking Names" Playlist. I I'd love to have any suggestions from readers as to what you'd put on it. I've got quite a variety, so feel free to give me something that you think you have to explain, I've got a few songs which probably would confuse people a lot. I've even got one movie clip and I'm considering another. So let me know what you think please.
Tags: affirmations, anxiety, coping skills, dance, faith, hope, ipod touch, music and movies, tool box
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