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Nickie Coby

All aboard for the Nickie's Nook tour

I want to take this opportunity to welcome anyone who might have found their way to my blog recently. I know I have some new friends here on LiveJournal and possibly friends I haven't met yet who I don't know are out there. I thought it might help to give you some background on this blog, me, and some of the features you might be interested in. I'd especially like to highlight features which were mentioned last night on
my dear friend Debbie Hazelton's
I hope to have more information on replays and such later today.

First, if you're interested in the Blind Beaders group, you can subscribe using this form

Google Groups

Subscribe to Blind Beaders


Visit this group

If you'd like to read about my unique perspective on beading, this post is probably the best way to find out more if you're planning to read
Beading my way to wellness

If you'd prefer to subscribe by email, use the address

If you're interested in my book, the web site for that is

I always welcome comments on any of my entries. All you have to do is click on the add a shot of espresso link under any entry and you'll be taken to a page where you can comment on the post. I do my best to reply to comments quickly, but it doesn't always happen. That doesn't mean I don't love getting them though!

Finally, I've added a new feature where you can go and ask me questions and see my responses to others who've asked questions. To do this, please
Ask me anything on Formspring

I hope this quick tour of some of the ways you can connect with me has been helpful!
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