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Writer's Block: Forever young

If cryogenics became a real, affordable option (i.e., if you could freeze your body until aging and illnesses were better understood), would you consider it? If so, do you fear you'd miss out on the wisdom that comes with growing old and dying?

This is a hard question to answer. There are times when I wish I could freeze my body and not experience the pain of RSD and just wake up when RSD doesn't exist or has been figured out. I get so frustrated with being ill and in pain, and all the baggage that comes with it. But it also brings great opportunities with it! I've learned so much from the way my life is. So, yeah, I do fear I'd miss out on something good that might come out of it.

I guess it depends on the day. When my pain is bad and my body is uncooperative, I wish I could just sleep until they can fix me. But then there's the part of me which knows that my blindness, something many consider to be a terrible affliction has brought me great opportunities. I'm just starting to see some of those blessings in my RSD life, and I do try to focus on that instead of the pain but it's hard to do.

I also fear I'd miss the chance to help others. When I self-published
my book
I found out that many people did like my writing and some even say it helped them. And even though I haven't been blogging as much, I used to get comments on entries that helped others. If I can be used by God to help otherss, who am I to stand in the way of that by escaping a situation I don't like? It's not easy, and I don't walk around smiling all of the time, but there are so many good things I'd miss out on, I guess I'm not sure what I'd do. Given the choice, not considering anything else, I'd get rid of my pain, and if I find a treatment that works, I'll use it, but for me to just take myself out of the equation might mean fewer blessings for me and just maybe for others.
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