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It's over...

Yesterday was my last tournament for speech. I enjoyed speech, but I'm glad it's over. Tournaments were souch a hassle, and it'll be nice to have my Saturdays back.
Tomorrow I have an injection appointment, so hopefully I'll get some sleep that's not poluted with pain that night. I'm feeling slightly better physically than Monday, but not much. I think I might have an ear infection, but don't want to go in and check.
I'm really hoping I can update with a few less generalities now that speech won't be taking up as much of my time. I realize that most of my entries aren't fun to read anymore. I'd really like to update with stories of what's going o n in life that aren't just "did this, did that..."
Yesterday at the speech meet, someone asked me if I was on the swim team. I figured they were talking about my friend Anessa, so I said no and asked what team the person they were thinking of was from. I was right, they were thinking of Anessa. The thing is they said I look like her, I don't think so! I've asked tons of people, and I don't. Guess our canes look alike though.
Welol, instant messenger calls!
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